PSA Print Group Upgrades to CRON-ECRM CTP

When the shop upgraded their press, they realized they needed new CTP as well.

NORTH ANDOVER, MA – December 5, 2017 — When PSA Print Group installed a new RMGT 9 Series offset press, they quickly realized their old CTP system wasn’t going to be able to handle the new load. So they turned to CRON-ECRM, purchasing a 36-inch device with three cassette plate loader, inline punch, and a bridge directly to the processor.

“We had to upgrade at the same time we upgraded our press,” said Daniel Salazar, Owner/President, PSA Print Group. “CRON-ECRM was the only platesetter with a footprint that would fit into our existing prepress room that could handle the plate sizes we need. I didn’t see the point in spending money on a 40-inch platesetter when I don’t use 40-inch plates on my press — it would have been wasted capacity.”

His old equipment was 12 years old, and still running, but in addition to needing a size that would match his new press, one of the things that drew Salazar to the CRON-ECRM system was the support. “It’s not always just about the machine — it’s about the people behind it,” he noted. “I can call my CRON-ECRM distributor with a question or error, and they are right there. And that is golden to me — in the past I would have to get on the phone and was billed sometimes $200-$300 for a phone conversation. It is what it is, but this has been a nice change.”

The CRON-ECRM equipment is also faster, allowing Salazar to image plates much faster, which was required to keep up with his faster press. “I just did three catalogs for a trade show in Florida,” Salazar said. “One was 120 pages, one was 64 pages, and the last was 32 pages. We had a single operator in prepress, and they were preflighting, running proofs and plating all at the same time. It’s a big difference.” And, he noted, he has the option to upgrade it further if he finds he needs even more speed down the line.

“The CRON-ECRM platesetter is a perfect fit for this shop — it has the speed, quality, and automation they needed, and it does it all in a compact footprint. You can’t ask for much more than that.”


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