Precision Tape & Label Grows with CRON-ECRM HDI 600 Flexo Imager

NORTH ANDOVER, MA – September 18, 2018 — CRON-ECRM, a global supplier of high resolution flexo digital imagers, announces that Precision Tape & Label, based in Uxbridge, MA, recently installed the CRON ECRM HDI 600 flexo digital imager. The compact unit is specifically designed for the small format and narrow web market.

Precision has been in business for 44 years, and has been women-owned for the past 20 years, with Nicolle Voellings serving as the current president, and Debbie Secord serving as the vice president. The bulk of the company’s business is in the retail space, including the grocery and restaurant applications. Currently, the shop is running all Mark Andy narrow web label presses.

“We had been investigating CTP equipment for the last decade, said Voellings. “Once we landed on the CRON ECRM, it felt like this is the perfect fit for our company. We are a small printer, and we needed a machine that was affordable, but that would also give us the longevity we needed. This is going to propel us into something new — we can print at higher qualities, with faster output of plates, at a price point that didn’t deter us from the upgrade.”

Before upgrading, Precision was completely analog with it’s plates, and, said Voellings, they didn’t feel a burning need to go digital, which is why they took so long to explore the options and wait until it made the most sense. Deborah Secord spent countless hours researching, pricing and meeting with vendors to discuss options. But she didn’t make that decision alone; finding a solid solution was very much a team effort. Precision Tape’s art director was deeply involved in the selection process. His recommendations, suggestions and research results were a major consideration when making the final decision.

“We looked at a lot of solutions over the last few years, and although they are great solutions and products, not all digital is created the same,” noted Voellings. “They weren’t going to get us where we needed to be today, and where we want to be 10 years from now. But with the CRON ECRM, we felt confident it will get us where we want to be. We knew just going ‘all things digital’ wasn’t going to be enough. We needed a full solution, and we believe CRON ECRM was that solution for us.”

In addition to the HDI 600 unit itself, Precision is also making use of the software and prepress options to help drive it and an upgraded Fuji water wash plate. And while Voellings noted that there were some growing pains, and it took a bit of work to get everything integrated, they are incredibly happy with the end result.

“The end result is that it is cutting down plate time significantly,” said Voellings. “And our estimates are showing that it is also going to cut back on waste — we have fewer bad plates coming out; they are almost dead on every time.”

“Precision Tape & Label is the perfect example of exactly what CRON ECRM is all about,” said Marshall Hogenson, Vice President, Flexo Business Unit. “They didn’t just want a digital CTP box to say they have one — they needed the whole package, that was designed with them in mind. And that is what the HDI 600 — and CRON ECRM — is all about. We are happy to have Precision as one of our customers, and we are looking forward to serving them for years to come.”


CRON-ECRM, LLC serves as the master distributor in the Americas for HDI Flexo CTP systems. CRON-ECRM is an extension of CRON for the research and development of new, high-quality prepress equipment that is distributed worldwide. CRON-ECRM provides regional sales and support of CRON solutions with demonstration, training, support, and parts centrally located at their headquarters in North Andover, Massachusetts.